Giquello - Collection Jean Bouvier

10 - 13 December 2022

Hôtel Drouot, Rue Drouot, Paris, France

About Giquello - Collection Jean Bouvier

As we honor the legacy of Jean Bouvier, the esteemed painter whose life's work celebrated the depth and beauty of the world's cultures, we draw your attention to a highlight of Giquillo's sale. Lot 30 features an 'IMPORTANT STATUE OF A SEATED CAT REPRESENTING THE GODDESS BASTET,' a piece that resonates with the historical significance and artistic merit Bouvier admired throughout his life. This exceptional statue, echoing the sophistication of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship, has been meticulously appraised by Antonia Eberwein. Her expertise brings an added layer of assurance to the authenticity and value of this remarkable artifact. We are proud to present this lot as a reflection of the diverse and profound connections Bouvier had with art and history across civilizations.